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The Faith of Our Children

Our New Book on Research-backed Children's Ministry
Best Practice

Author & Awana CEO Matt Markins provides children's ministry leaders and parents with critical insights to build child discipleship around the factors that form lifelong faith.

With data-driven, lively and relatable discussion about the effectiveness of recent ministry processes and systems, The Faith of Our Children illuminates a path toward changes that will help foster lasting faith in the children you lead.

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Resilient Child Discipleship Training

Child Discipleship Training Near You

Learn how to create a culture of effective child discipleship with your team and lead kids to a lasting faith in Christ. Resilient Child Discipleship Training is based on biblical and practical discipleship insights, including the latest Barna Group research. Presented in five interactive sessions, an experienced child disciplemaker will guide you through the content.

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Highly relational ministry led by loving and caring adults


Deeply scriptural ministry rooted in the truth of God's Word and the power of the Gospel


Truly experiential ministry designed to move kids from simulation to real-world application of faith-based living

About Awana

We Are Champions of Child Discipleship Worldwide

Awana is a global non-profit organization, fueled by the generous donations of individuals, churches and organizations, as well as resource sales, to accomplish our mission of equipping leaders to reach kids with the Gospel and engage them in lifelong discipleship. Our vision is that every child would come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Right now this is happening in 135 countries worldwide through 78,000 churches, reaching more than 6.4 million kids with lasting faith.

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