Practical & Research-Based Child Discipleship Training

The need to be more intentional about discipling kids is greater than ever in our highly secularized culture. This training experience will equip your team with timeless, proven practices known to form lasting faith in kids. It's rooted in the Gospels, researched based, and super practical.

Benefits of Biblical & Research-Based Training

This training will not only provide your team with practical equipping on how to implement weekly child discipleship, it will resource you with a strategy to transform the culture of your church into a disciple-making church.

  • Equip leaders and volunteers with practical skills to implement weekly child discipleship
  • Gain both biblical and research-backed insight into faithful and fruitful children’s ministry
  • Resource your team with simple language to cultivate a culture of discipleship
  • Acquire a strategy to reach and disciple today’s kids in our post-Christian culture
  • Collaborate and learn from other churches on how to build faith that lasts

Components of the One-Day Training

Through this five-session training experience, you and your team will be guided through content such as:

  • The three primary factors that are most known to lead to lasting faith in children (based on RESILIENT)
  • Goals to aim for within each of the primary discipleship factors and a way to pray for each child
  • Research findings from the Barna Group on the future of children’s ministry in the local church
  • Practices to implement in your ministry (at church and home!)
  • An assessment created by Barna, Gloo and Awana to evaluate the effectiveness of your children’s ministry
  • …all in five dynamic sessions with lunch included!

Research-Backed Data to Make a Difference

Resilient Child Discipleship Training is informed by the latest Barna Group research. The study conducted among churches and congregations regarding child discipleship is the largest such study done in over 20 years! The insights gained from this work are presented in Children’s Ministry in a New Reality, written by Barna Group and commissioned by Awana.

With enrollment in Resilient Child Discipleship Training, you’ll receive access to the Children’s Ministry Assessment, adapted from the Barna Group and designed to help you gauge the vitality and effectiveness of your church’s child discipleship. The assessment measures key markers within the Belong (Relationships), Believe (Scripture Engagement), and Become (Experiences) factors of child discipleship in order to maximize fruitfulness in your ministry and help you shape children with lasting faith in Jesus Christ.

Is Children's Ministry Today Forming Faith That Lasts?

According to a 2009 study by the Barna Group, “A person’s worldview is primarily shaped and is firmly in place by the time someone reaches the age of 13.” With the increased influence of social media platforms, it’s reasonable to consider that children’s worldviews are becoming increasingly shaped at younger ages.

In fact, at a recent Child Discipleship Forum, leading Pastor Darren Whitehead made the startling statement regarding child discipleship: “We must begin with the assumption that our children are being overly exposed with worldly discipleship and underexposed with biblical discipleship.”

While the thought of discipling children to know, love and serve Jesus in an increasingly post-Christian culture may seem daunting, there is hope! In fact, it starts with loving, caring leaders like you. Relational adult leaders like you make the difference, and the proof is in the data.

One of the greatest single factors in children’s engagement in the church is the presence of loving, caring leaders – especially when those leaders are equipped with the biblical knowledge and tools to disciple kids. We need to build our children’s ministries around the Bible-based and research-backed primary factors that lead to lasting faith in children.

This is what the Resilient Child Discipleship Training is all about, and we hope to see you there! Register Now

About Awana

To many in North America, Awana is known as a “mid-week ministry” to children and youth. The reality is that Awana is a leader in global child and youth discipleship in 134 countries in a variety of curricula and leader equipping networks. Awana partners with ministries like Compassion International, World Vision, and numerous denominations in more than 68,000 churches, engaging 5.1 million children and students weekly.