Resilient Child Discipleship Training

It’s a race for our kids’ hearts, and it’s one we have to win.

Let's get equipped!

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When influencer culture and technology are running after our kids’ hearts, we have to get smarter.

Bring your team. Get trained to use practical, Gospel-rooted, research-backed tools to help you anchor kids’ hearts to Jesus. Forever.

Training With a Solid Foundation

RCDT is built on content including:

  • 3 primary factors for shaping lasting faith in children (based on RESILIENT), and how to focus on those factors in your ministry
  • Goals to aim for within each of the 3 discipleship factors
  • Activities designed with each factor in mind
  • Ways to pray for each child
  • Timely research on the future of children’s ministry and the local church’s role
  • Practices to implement in your ministry, both at church and at home!


Hit the Ground Running

This isn’t the kind of training you’ll have to go home and read more about and then restructure to use with your kids. Resilient Child Discipleship Training™ (RCDT) gives you insights you can apply right away and skills you can practice the next time your ministry meets. Your team will come away with:

  • Biblical, research-backed insights to shape your ministry’s “why”
  • Language to help cultivate a whole culture of discipleship in your community
  • Practical skills and activities for child discipleship that works in today’s world


RCDT Event Highlights

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Groundbreaking Research Insights for Today’s Church

God’s Word is constant, but the world is changing rapidly. Equip your team with biblical wisdom and fresh research for today’s kids.

The largest child discipleship study in 20+ years

Resilient Child Discipleship Training is informed by the latest Barna Group child discipleship research. This is the largest study of its kind in over 20 years. Consider the changes that have taken place in our culture over the last 20 years. The data undoubtedly changes the way we need to view and implement child discipleship.

Data and resulting insights are presented in Children’s Ministry in a New Reality, written by Barna Group and commissioned by Awana.

Is Children's Ministry Today Forming Faith That Lasts?

According to a 2009 study by the Barna Group, “A person’s worldview is primarily shaped and is firmly in place by the time someone reaches the age of 13.” Considering the changes in our culture since then, it’s reasonable to think kids’ worldviews are now solidifying even earlier.

But there is hope! And it starts with loving, caring leaders like you. The proof is in the data. If adults like you truly, intentionally disciple kids for Jesus, the other influencers don’t stand a chance.

Equipping you with tools for that level of discipleship is what Resilient Child Discipleship Training is all about, and we hope to see you there! Register Now

About Awana

To many in North America, Awana is known as a “mid-week ministry” to children and youth. The reality is that Awana is a leader in global child and youth discipleship in 134 countries in a variety of curricula and leader equipping networks. Awana partners with ministries like Compassion International, World Vision, and numerous denominations in more than 68,000 churches, engaging 5.1 million children and students weekly.