Awana and Barna recently partnered to conduct the largest known children’s ministry research project to understand the effectiveness and key factors of children’s discipleship in local churches. The resulting insights and implications of this research are critical for children’s ministry leaders to know, understand and implement to better disciple children.

We’ve created this short course to share high-level findings, what they mean for your local church and the children you disciple, as well as practical solutions to further child discipleship.

Before beginning this course, we recommend purchasing a copy of Children’s Ministry in a New Reality, a book published by Barna in June 2022, which includes a full recap of the research and insights from child discipleship thought leaders.

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Study your ministry

With enrollment in RCDT, you’ll walk through the Children’s Ministry Assessment, adapted from the Barna Group and designed to help you gauge the vitality and effectiveness of your church’s child discipleship. The assessment measures key markers within the Belong, Believe, and Become factors of child discipleship to maximize impact in your ministry and help you shape children with lasting faith in Jesus Christ.