Child Discipleship Commitment

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The Child Discipleship Commitment

In the heart of the Christian faith lies a profound reverence for the role of children within the church community. As followers of Christ, we embrace the teachings of Scripture, which unequivocally demonstrate God's prioritization of children and their integral place within His kingdom. From the tender moments when Jesus welcomed children into His presence, to the timeless wisdom of Proverbs urging us to train up children in the way they should go, the Bible resounds with the affirmation of the sanctity and potential of young hearts and minds.

We believe firmly that children are not merely the future of the church but are vital members of the body of Christ here and now. Just as Jesus exemplified by gathering children close and blessing them, we recognize the inherent worth of every child and affirm their rightful place within the community of believers. Our conviction is rooted in the understanding that God's love knows no age limit; His grace extends to the youngest among us, offering redemption and transformation to all who seek it.

Moreover, we acknowledge that children are not passive recipients of faith but active participants in its unfolding narrative. Through intentional discipleship and nurturing, we strive to cultivate their spiritual growth, recognizing their capacity to grasp profound truths and engage in meaningful relationship with God. As Jesus commissioned His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, we heed His call by investing our time, talents, and resources in the lives of children, believing wholeheartedly in their potential to become vibrant disciples and ambassadors of His kingdom.

In our commitment to the holistic development of children, we affirm they are worthy of our best efforts, acknowledging that they are precious gifts entrusted to us by a loving Creator. Thus, we approach our ministry to children with reverence and dedication, knowing that in serving them, we serve the heart of God Himself. May our actions and attitudes reflect the profound truth that in God's eyes, every child is cherished, valued, and deeply loved.

What is Child Discipleship?
Child Discipleship is a biblical practice designed to form lasting faith by helping kids belong to God and His Kingdom, believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and become like Him by walking in His ways through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Article 1: On the Gospel
What is the Gospel?

God is the Creator of everything and is inherently good. Psalm 100:5

Adam and Eve’s disobedience led to the introduction of sin into the world and the subsequent separation of humanity from God. Romans 5:12.

Our redemption comes in the form of Jesus, God's Son, who sacrificed himself on the cross, breaking the bonds of sin and death for humanity. John 3:16

Through faith in Jesus, individuals can restore their relationship with God through His grace. Ephesians 2:8-9

Ultimately, believers anticipate a future restoration where Jesus will return, renewing the broken world to its intended state. Revelation 21:5

We commit to ensuring the Gospel message and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ serve as the unshakeable foundation of faith for both children and adults within our community. Recognizing salvation as the cornerstone of our belief, we proclaim the life-transforming power of Christ's sacrifice with clarity, conviction and unwavering consistency.
Article 2: On the role of the church and home
We affirm the church’s role in providing age-appropriate resources and curriculum that engage children in meaningful exploration of God's Word and His purposes for their lives, ensuring their spiritual development is both enriching and accessible.
We affirm the church’s role in creating a nurturing and safe environment within our church community where children feel valued, supported and encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.
We affirm the church’s role in equipping parents and caregivers with tools and support to disciple their children at home and empowering them to lead by example in faith and discipleship.

We affirm the role of parents/guardians in prioritizing time and finances to invest in age appropriate discipleship resources that align with the teachings of our faith, ensuring our children have opportunities for meaningful exploration of God's Word and His purposes for their lives within our home. We understand our pivotal role as primary influencers in our children's lives and pledge to prioritize their spiritual development through intentional and consistent practice.
We affirm the importance of fostering a nurturing faith environment within our family, where our children are encouraged to develop their relationship with God. We recognize the importance of cultivating a loving and spiritually enriching atmosphere that is enhanced through the gathering of the church community.
We affirm the importance of actively engaging in ongoing spiritual growth through our local church, equipping ourselves with the tools and support necessary to reinforce spiritual lessons learned at church within the context of our home.

This results in a community of disciples fostering a collaborative partnership between the church and the home, recognizing that both environments play crucial roles in the spiritual formation of children, where both the church and the home are resourced and equipped to own their unique roles in the spiritual formation of a child.

Article 3: On Imago Dei
Children, from the moment of conception, are intricately woven together in the image of God, mirroring His divine attributes and reflecting His glory. Genesis 1:27 establishes our intrinsic value, affirming that God created mankind in His own image. Each child bears the imprint of the divine artist, fearfully and wonderfully crafted with purpose and intentionality, as Psalm 139 beautifully describes. As stewards of God's image-bearers, we are called to nurture and protect the inherent dignity of every child, just as Jesus welcomed them into His presence and affirmed their worth. Let us echo the psalmist's declaration, recognizing that even the smallest among us bear the reflection of our Creator, worthy of our deepest reverence and love.


We commit to prioritizing the teaching of the biblical narrative to children, ensuring that they are grounded in the foundational truths of Scripture from an early age.

We commit to helping children see the world through a biblical worldview, guiding them to discern God's truth in the midst of cultural messages and societal pressures.

We commit to initiating discipleship practices while children are young, understanding that the habits formed in childhood often shape lifelong faith journeys.

We commit to modeling authentic discipleship and Christian living for children, understanding that our actions speak louder than words in shaping their understanding of faith.

We commit to cultivating a culture of prayer and dependence on God's guidance in all our efforts toward child discipleship, acknowledging that true transformation comes through His Spirit at work within us.

We commit to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in creating a safe environment for children. As a faith community, it is our sacred duty to create an environment where children feel safe, valued, and nurtured.

We commit to celebrating milestones and achievements in children's spiritual growth, rejoicing in the journey of faith as we walk alongside them in their pursuit of knowing and serving God.

We commit to embody Christ’s love, serving as mentors, guides, and role models for the younger generation. We recognize the profound impact that loving, caring adults have on the spiritual, emotional, and moral development of children.

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