Child Discipleship, Dialogue & Discovery

Crosspointe Church Anaheim
February 21 & 22, 2024

Join us for the Forming Faith Collaborative in Anaheim on February 21 & 22, 2024 for crucial conversation and collaboration to shape the future of faith.

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The U.S. Church has a discipleship gap.

Parents are the chief influence on kids’ spiritual formation, yet often don’t nurture their OWN spiritual formation. How will the children of our churches and communities know, love and follow Jesus if no one is able to show them the way?

The Forming Faith Collaborative is a two-day event for church leaders to sit with tough questions and rethink discipleship in your church as you plan for the future. Together we can close the gap and shape a generation with faith that outshines our own.

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John Mark Comer

John Mark Comer is the teacher at Practicing the Way, founding pastor of Bridgetown Church and the New York Times bestselling author of Live No Lies.

When he’s not reading, he can be found around a table with his family and friends, attempting to learn how to cook, drinking Heart coffee, and walking the family dog in the forest. Most important, he is husband to T and father to Jude, Moses, and Sunday.


Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch is partner for theology and culture at Praxis, an organization that works as a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, who most recently published The Life We're Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World.

Andy serves on the governing boards of Fuller Theological Seminary, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. For more than ten years he was an editor and producer at Christianity Today, including serving as executive editor from 2012 to 2016. His work and writing have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and several editions of Best Christian Writing and Best Spiritual Writing. He lives with his family in Pennsylvania.

The Forming Faith Collaborative Experience

1 / 3

Day 1 | Learn Together

Keynotes and conversation on the realities of leading child and youth discipleship in today's church.

Day 2 | Plan

Draw strategic blueprints to address obstacles and define goals for your church.

The Next Five Years | Close the Gap

Steer child discipleship that shapes kids with unwavering faith.

  • Identify Key Challenges

  • Collaborate on Practical Solutions

  • Disciple Kids with Lasting Faith

Event Details

February 21 & 22, 2024

Crosspointe Church Anaheim
1300 Kellogg Dr.
Anaheim, CA 92807



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About Awana

The Forming Faith Collaborative, formerly known as The Child Discipleship Summit, has been organized by Awana. To many in North America, Awana is known as a “mid-week ministry” to children and youth. The reality is that Awana is a leader in global child and youth discipleship in 133 countries in a variety of curricula and leader equipping networks. Awana partners with ministries like Compassion International, World Vision, and numerous denominations in over 65,000 churches (11,400 of them in North America) engaging 4.9 million children and students weekly.