Like Never Before

Africa Child & School Initiative

Reach Millions of Kids with the Gospel Through Awana in African Public Schools

Across Africa, seven countries have invited Awana to train and equip teachers and local pastors to implement our Bible engagement programming in public schools. The long-term opportunity connected to this strategy could impact up to 31 million children across the continent of Africa! This is a God-sized opportunity unlike any we’ve had before. For every $650 you give, a public school in Africa will be equipped to share the Gospel and God’s Word with children today – and for generations to come.

$54 a Month Equips an African Public School

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Ukraine Relief & Discipleship

Send the Hope of Christ Into the Darkness of War

Since the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, Awana staff and local church partners in and around Ukraine have met the spiritual and humanitarian needs of children and families – especially those displaced – in radical Christ-like ways. Not only have they shared the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ, they have also met immense tangible needs by providing shelter, food, transportation, medicine and clothing.

$100 a Month Brings Continuous Relief to Ukrainian Refugees

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U.S. Child Discipleship

Form Child Disciples with Resilient Faith in the U.S.

In the U.S. Awana equips churches and parents to form lasting faith in kids – faith that will bend and flex but not break under the weight of culture. Awana equips, resources, and empowers churches and parents to form resilient child disciples in the midst of a highly secularized culture. Kids in America are in a faith-formation crisis and many churches in the U.S. are simply missing out on child discipleship, which means that far too many kids are not being reached with the Gospel. For every gift of $1,500, a church in the U.S. is resourced with child discipleship conferences, digital Bible-based curriculum and training opportunities.

$47 a Month Equips a Church & Disciples a Child in the U.S.

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Child Discipleship Amidst Spiritual Persecution

Encourage Church Leaders & Families Facing Persecution

Awana church partners and local missionaries are advancing the Gospel and child discipleship in more than 35 countries – many in the Middle East and Central Asia – where intense spiritual persecution occurs. For the safety of our teams, naming these countries is not wise. But your partnership in prayer and giving will continue to equip house churches, and train church leaders and parents who gather in private, to bring the Gospel and God’s Word to a generation of children who otherwise would not know the love of Christ or the joy that comes from following Him!

$28 a Month Disciples Children in a Persecuted Country

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Philippines Community Transformation Partnership

Train Leaders to Disciple Kids Impacted by Poverty

God has orchestrated an opportunity for Awana to equip thousands of community centers across the Philippines to reach and disciple 250,000 more kids. This special partnership, in conjunction with the Center for Community Transformation, will ensure high-capacity leaders across the Philippines are trained to bring Awana programming to children, specifically to kids living in poor urban areas and on the streets. As a result, up to 5,000 communities will be impacted over the next five years.

$30 a Month Reaches Kids in Poverty

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Reach the Next 5 Million Kids

Share the Gospel & Reach Millions More Kids!

In the summer of 2022, Awana celebrated the milestone of reaching and engaging 5 million kids weekly with the Gospel and life-changing discipleship! It’s because of the faithfulness of partners and local leaders like you that so many children know the love of Christ and will walk with Him for the rest of their lives. A gift to reach the next 5 million kids and beyond will equip us to move wherever God leads us in bringing the Gospel and discipleship to kids around the world for years to come!

$75 a Month Advances the Gospel & Disciples Kids Worldwide

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About Awana

To many in North America, Awana is known as a “mid-week ministry” to children and youth. The reality is that Awana is a leader in global child and youth discipleship in 134 countries in a variety of curricula and leader equipping networks. Awana partners with ministries like Compassion International, World Vision, and numerous denominations in more than 68,000 churches, engaging 5.1 million children and students weekly.

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