CDF 2023 Chinwé Williams

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We’re in a mental health crisis and suicides are up. A “tsunami of trauma” is coming, says Dr. Chinwé Williams, a licensed therapist, speaker, author and consultant. You might think her presentation of facts about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on children – and adults – would leave you feeling hopeless; but on the contrary. Her practical applications and techniques you can use with children who experience trauma will have you feeling inspired and hopeful. In fact, you might even learn a method or two to use yourself!

Chinwé is the co-author of the best-selling book Seen: Healing Despair and Anxiety in Kids and Teens Through the Power of Connection. Her expertise lies in areas of adolescent, family, and women’s wellness, stress/anxiety management and trauma recovery. She is the owner of Meaningful Solutions Counseling Consulting, in Roswell, Georgia.