We Believe the Future of Faith is brite*

Article by Kristin Thompson March 13, 2020

Hey Children’s ministry leader: You love what you do, and you need tools to help maximize the time that kids spend in church. Research tells us that more than anything else, you want programming that is biblically sound and centered on the Bible. However you also know that child discipleship has to be engaging for kids before any real learning to take place. As technology, kids, church, and culture continue to shift and change, it can be hard to find something concise, relevant, and meaningful built for today’s kids.

That’s why we created brite* kids, the new digital Sunday morning curriculum from Awana. Built on the solid foundation of Scripture, brite* speaks to kids in a way that not only engages their minds, but helps foster understanding and life application. The brite* curriculum takes kids through the Bible cover-to-cover every year, starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation. Each week there are purpose-made “kid questions” that relate to the Bible passage that are phrased in kid-language to help kids understand the value of what they are learning and apply it to their lives throughout the week!

Created for a standard large group/small group format, brite* kids is age-segmented into Younger (K-2nd grade) and Older (3rd -5th grade) activities, but can be easily modified for any children’s ministry setting. This curriculum is easy to use and adapt to a wide variety of settings and schedules, without requiring a lot of volunteers or planning. Instead, volunteers are freed up to use simple fun activities and videos to facilitate discipleship discussions and help kids apply the Bible to their lives. Digitally delivered to you to download and customize, brite* also uses lesson-links so that you can send lesson plans to your volunteers easily so they can cleanly and quickly understand the outline of the lesson in an app-like experience.

We want all kids to become resilient disciples of Jesus Christ by coming to know Jesus and being known by a body of believers (Belong), to place their faith in Jesus and apply the Word of God (Believe), and to reproduce their own discipleship (Become), so that another generation can lead and love like Jesus Christ. And brite* kids is the tool to use to make it happen.