10 Resolutions for Children’s Ministry Leaders

Article December 21, 2023

How’s your resolve toward resolutions? Do you achieve success? Or, like so many of us, do you struggle to keep them past January?

As you begin 2024, put your resolution record aside, your lingering sense of guilt at what you know you should be doing, and your unrealistic expectations of yourself. Instead, make your resolutions more like prayers, things you aspire to become and desire to fulfill, and amplify your dependence on God.


Here are 10 resolutions (prayers) worth considering, especially if you are a children’s ministry leader.

1. Help me to be Courageous.
God, I get scared. Scared of serious things and scared of silly things. I run from conflict. I hide from tension. I sometimes even feel ashamed of times I’ve blown it in the past. Bring healing to those places and lead me. You are my shepherd. I will follow. Years from now, I’ll look back and see how you’ve led me: with grace, care and love. Between now and then, give me the courage I crave.

2. Help me to be Generous.
Lord, you’ve given me so much. Show me how to give it away. Give me freedom from my stuff, freedom from any attachments that take my eyes off of you. Help me to see that the gifts you’ve given me are really just tools for your kingdom, tools on loan from you.

3. Help me to be Selfless.
I don’t want to be all about me; I get tired of me. God, help me take my eyes off of myself so I can see everyone else. Help me to trust You, trust you’ll take care of me when I care for others.

4. Help me to be a Better Listener.
Father, I don’t just want to hear people. I want to really listen to them – understand not just what they’re saying, but why they’re saying it and how important their words are to them. Help me to wait for their words, to slow down and not be hurried to understand.

5. Help me to be Relational.
There are times when I want to hide. Times when I want to keep to myself. Times when I want to run. Lord help me to see the beauty of building solid relationships, relationships with people I serve and those I serve with. Help me to see people as you see them. Help me to love as you love.

6. Help me to be Gentle.
God, you know I can lose it, even if I never acknowledge it. I can stuff it all down deep, hoping frustration never shows its face. I can hide it away. I don’t want that. I want to be gentle in conversation. Help me to measure my words, to think before I speak, to nurture people through thoughtful conversation.

7. Help me to be Discerning.
I realize life is short. I want to make a difference in this world. I need wisdom to know how to do that. Teach me what problems to pick up and which to put down. Take my hands and teach me what to carry. Take my heart and teach me what to care for. Take my mouth and teach me when I should be silent and when I need to speak.

8. Help me to be Encouraging.
Thank you, God, for putting such great people in my church. Give me eyes to see what they need. Show me ways to encourage them and bring them hope, ways to add dignity, humanity and value to their service. Help me be a visible reminder of your love.

9. Help me to be Paced.
I’m exhausted. Sometimes it’s good exhaustion, but sometimes I just don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want to do anything. I’m tired because I’ve overextended myself. I’ve gone too far, too hard, too quickly. Help me pace myself, knowing that You’ve given me purpose, and called me to a place and time with people who need me at my best.

10. Help me to be Faithful.
I want to be here, Lord, fully present. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like somewhere else. Give me a sense of contentment, knowing that You’re leading me, guiding me and giving me all I need to do the work you’ve called me to. Please give me courage to stay, courage to hunker down, courage to serve well.