Awana is Releasing a Digital Sunday Curriculum

Article by Kevin Orris December 19, 2019

Over the past 70 years, through partnership with local churches, Awana has reached tens of millions of children all over the globe through its mid-week Bible engagement ministry. But Awana and a team of thought leaders are asking: How can the church effectively make resilient child disciples in a culture that is growing hostile to Christianity, and what is the most effective methodology to do so?

In fact, Awana conducted a recent study of children’s ministry leaders to ask these very questions. Findings showed that children’s ministry leaders believe that, to be successful for long term discipleship, any programming must keep the Bible central to its teachings (93%), must be relational (73%), and must equip kids to live for Christ in a postmodern age (77%). So, Awana set to develop a curriculum that does just that.

Coming in July 2020, Awana is releasing this new Sunday (weekend) curriculum in a digital format to carry on the same trusted Biblically-based message through an updated and relevant methodology. 

The new curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of children’s ministry leaders and present practical solutions to real world problems of today and tomorrow.

“We love the Church and believe in her fearless future,” Awana CEO Valerie Bell said. “But it’s time to understand that the greatest challenge to the future of faith is not the rise of secularism through technology, family breakdown or even the vitality of the church. The greatest challenge to the future of the church is the need for resilient discipleship of our children.”

After years of listening to those on the front lines of children’s ministry, Awana believes resilient child discipleship in the modern age needs to be easy to lead, readily accessible, and customizable to each church’s individual needs.

In order to reach those ages 2 to 18, the curriculum will be divided into three age segments: Preschool (ages 2-3 and 4-5), Elementary (grades K-2 and 3-5), and Students (grades 6-8 and 9-12). Components will include helpful tools for leaders, volunteers, parents, and students alike, including simple, yet effective large and small group leader resources, high-quality video content, and shareable children and student materials.

Ultimately, the content of the curriculum is intended to prepare kids to thrive in their faith in a culture growing increasingly hostile to the gospel.

“We have a bold, unparalleled vision for child discipleship and the fearless future of the church that is tied to research and the way Jesus made disciples,” Awana president Matt Markins said. “Church leaders who have a vision for where the church and culture will be in 2050 are realizing that we need to place our energy into what’s proven and known to influence long-term gospel fruit.”

“We spend a lot of time in children’s ministry on various tasks and activities but we are left wondering, ‘Is this working?’ Imagine the long-term impact on the church if we placed more energy into fewer areas with greater focus that are known to yield long-term gospel fruit. That’s resilient discipleship that will shape the fearless future of the church and that’s where we see the future of children’s ministry going.”



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Awana® New Digital Sunday Curriculum Includes

  • Proven Discipleship Model
  • Digitally Accessible via Mobile & Desktop Devices
  • Biblically Solid + Gospel Centered
  • Engaging Leader Training Videos
  • Customizable & Flexible Leader Materials
  • Large & Small Group Leader Resources
  • Helps Kids Navigate Real Life Challenges