Coronavirus Response: Questions, Encouragement, and Faith over Fear!

Podcast March 14, 2020

This is a statement from Awana CEO Valerie Bell, Awana Chief Communications Officer Mike Handler, and Awana Vice President of Partner Solutions at Awana regarding our ministry’s response to the coronavirus. This originally appeared as a video here.

We hear you. This last week you’ve been asking questions, seeking prayer, and wondering what tomorrow looks like for your community. We’ve listened to so many of those questions over the phone and through email–and Awana is humbled to walk this journey next to you. The questions you have asked are so great, we want to share them with the broader community! We’ve included the timestamps of where each question is answered so that you can navigate what you’re needing in this moment. We love you and we are praying for you. Stay safe!

Greeting: 0:00-0:40
Be Wise, End Well: 0:41-1:33
Awards… are they here? Will there be delays?: 1:34-2:26
Creative discipleship in the midst of a shutdown: 2:27-5:12
Provide kids with tools to manage their anxiety and fear: 5:13-7:56
Additional tools and resources: 7:57-8:40