Dear Disciple Maker

Article by Kevin Orris January 7, 2020

Dear disciple maker,

Years ago, when you said “Yes” to working with kids at church a couple of hours a week did you think:

  1. Rats! Why can’t I say no to that KidMin pastor?
  2. OK, well, I’m not crazy about this, but I can do anything for a year.
  3. I’m really not great with kids, maybe I can direct parking or take attendance.

When did everything change? When did you start to actually care? How did that program for kids become the highlight of your week? And that bossy little girl who talks too much and could run a small developing country, when did she wheedle her way into your heart? And that little boy who asked everyone to pray for his father because “he doesn’t know Jesus”, when did he become a son you care for so deeply?

Every week you project your voice and stand tall, you instruct, you train, all the while trying to corral a roomful of kid energy. But still, they run circles around you. They ignore your instructions until you start counting down. They are boisterous and physical with each other and someone nearly always ends up upset or in tears. Every week it’s a lot of kid drama. But strangely, you come home feeling energized, full of life, and in love with every kid there.

And more, you feel the smile of God over your life. It’s the best two hours of your week by far, and deep inside, you know it’s the most important thing you could be doing with your life.

Think of all the years you’ve said “Yes!” to kids. You’ve led many boys and girls to accept Jesus as their Savior. You’ve helped them to hide God’s Word in their hearts where it has formed a foundation for a lifetime of discipleship. You have done your job so well.

But here’s something you may not realize. You may be the single most important factor in some children’s lives. You are the caring adult providing constancy, stability, and safety. You are two hours of love every week that felt like home and belonging and all-is-wellness.

You are more important than you know.

These children are growing up and soon will forget your name.

But when they think of God’s love . . . to them it looks a lot like you.  God laughing at their jokes, high fiving them, greeting them with heart-felt welcome, loving them to Jesus and a belonging no worldly pleasure can provide.

Thank you!