Discipleship Stories

Article by Ross Cochran December 19, 2019

Can child discipleship truly change a life? Watch the stories of three lives forever impacted by the Gospel and the power of discipleship.

From a boy growing up in an urban Latino community to an immigrant Korean girl from a broken home to a single-parent family in a rural setting; child discipleship can make a lasting difference. Watch the whole story or choose individual stories below.

Generational Discipleship
Engaging the truth of God’s Word can have lasting impact. Not only can it change a life, it can change the trajectory of a family. Watch as Brent, a grizzled widower and single father encounters the generational-changing Truth through his son, and later, Brent’s grandchildren.

Highly Relational
Jay grew up being bullied in his rough area of the city. Instead of fighting back, Jay chose to be a leader and help steer the lives of kids in his community and Awana ministry. Watch Jay’s story unfold as the power of relational ministry is displayed.

Lifelong Discipleship
God’s Word will never return void. Even as a child growing up in a broken Korean home, Chloe turned to the Bible in order to find peace in the midst of life’s storms. As an adult, and leader of a global nonprofit, that same Biblical Truth is providing wisdom and direction. Watch the powerful display of lifelong discipleship.

Originally Published on Awana.org