How to Grow Leaders

Article July 1, 2020

Leading or volunteering in children’s ministry is always going to require more than just time spent pouring into the kids in our ministries. One of the biggest challenges is finding, equipping, and growing leaders who show up and give their best. There are a few things you can do to start creating a resilient, consistent, and faithful group of leaders who are excited to show the love of Christ to the kids in your ministry!

One of the most important things for leaders in kids’ ministry is setting a vision of what faithful service to Christ in ministry looks like. On the surface, if you ask someone to start volunteering to teach kids on Sunday morning, it can sound like a lot! If you cast a vision for what this kind of sacrificial service looks like though, it can be a game-changer not only in your ministry but in the lives of your leaders as well!

What kind of vision are you casting for your leaders? Is it only one of sacrifice? When you talk about volunteering, do you talk about how important service is to the body of Christ? It can be very easy to simply point out the need and then hope that people will rise up and fill those needs on their own, and that does happen, but what if instead of merely talking about the importance of service, we also brought up how life-giving and spiritually fulfilling kidmin can be?

It isn’t just service you’re looking for, it is child discipleship! Your leaders aren’t just teaching a lesson from the Bible, they’re answering questions, being an ear to listen, and modeling Christ for children, showing them how the love of God can change their lives! Tell leaders that they’re called to do and how much of a difference they can make in their community and how much their discipling means to the body of Christ.

By filling your leaders will a strong vision and showing them just how much they mean, not only to the Church but to the kids who they lead, teach, listen to and love with the same love that Christ loves us, you not only inspire them to boldly step into disciple-making roles, you equip them with the hope and joy necessary to show up week-in and week-out in your ministry!