Resilient Disciples Podcast: What Gives You Hope?

Podcast by Ross Cochran January 29, 2020

In this episode of the Resilient Disciples podcast, we go further with the conversation started in episode five and the Children’s Pastors Conference. Children’s ministry experts Kristin Thompson, Kirsten Hitchcock, and Samuel Porcha discuss what gives them hope about the future of the church. Below are links to resources discussed in the podcast.

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Children’s Pastors’ Conference: Annual Event hosted by INCM.

Praying in Color: Book referenced by Kirsten Hitchcock

brite*: A new weekend curriculum Powered by Awana

Bible Story Handbook: A resource by John and Kim Walton

Hand Dryer Science Project: Mentioned by Kristin Thompson

Pew Research Study: Mentioned by Kristin Thompson

Children and Single Parents Study: Mentioned by Kristin Thompson

Book of Common Prayer: Mentioned by Kirsten Hitchcock

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