Simple Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Kids

Article by Kristin Thompson June 5, 2020

The gospel is at the very heart of the Awana ministry. We’re committed to proclaiming and living out the gospel with clarity and urgency. If you are reading this, you probably are too!

Sometimes, however, it can be awkward or uncomfortable to talk about our faith, especially when we’re talking to children. Maybe you’ve felt that way out of nervousness or a concern that you’ll be asked a question that you can’t answer. That’s okay!

Here are some quick things to keep in mind as you think about sharing the gospel with kids anytime.

Connect the Gospel to Scripture.
Using truth from the Bible as you share the gospel will reinforce to kids that these big ideas are God’s message in the Bible that He shares with us. What follows is one way you can summarize the gospel and point to Scripture.

The Gospel Is About Two Characters.


Don’t assume that kids understand who God is. They likely hear a lot of mixed messages about this in their world. Explain that God is both loving (John 3:16) and holy (Revelation 4:8b).


Make sure kids understand that people aren’t good when left to themselves. The reality is that we all are sinners (Romans 3:23), having disobeyed the right things we should have done, and that sin is bad and deserves death (Romans 6:23).

The Gospel is About Two Actions.

Christ’s Action On The Cross

God’s action, as a result of both of our characters, is that He sent Christ to die for our sins on the cross (Romans 5:8).

Our Action To Trust

Help kids understand that our one and only action for salvation is to trust in Christ (Acts 16:31). The rest all flows from this.

Keep to the Gospel’s Core: Christ’s Death and Resurrection.
We’ve found that the core of the gospel is best summarized by 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, where it lays out that Christ died for our sins, defeated death, and rose again—that’s the core of the gospel. Kids have a million questions about other things too, but if you can keep them focused on this, you’re on the right track.

Remember to Connect the Gospel Personally.
Kids are watching you, and they will really pay attention when you share a bit about your own story too! What’s a meaningful verse for you regarding the gospel? Feel free to incorporate that as well. When did you trust Christ, and how has this decision made a difference in your life? Kids want to know!

Celebrate Decisions for Christ.
The choice to trust Christ for salvation is a big deal in the life of a child. When a kid connects to this and makes a decision to trust Him, celebrate with him or her and help explain the next steps on their faith journey. For kids who have made this decision previously, make sure to reinforce that their discipleship process is just as exciting as they grow in their faith!

Awana is Here for You.
We’re here for you as you share the gospel with kids! We’d love to hear about and celebrate how God is at work in your local context. Reach out to us on all social media platforms.