What is it the local church does that leads to lasting faith in kids?

It’s a question we’ve been asking anyone who will listen. In fact, it was the overarching question in nine studies Awana commissioned Barna Group to conduct, the results of which were so insightful and revealing that Awana President and CEO Matt Markins compiled them into a book, The Faith of Our Children: Eight Timely Research Insights for Discipling the Next Generation.

These insights will help you, child disciplemaker, reach and disciple more children for the kingdom of God – no matter the cultural context. But don’t keep these to yourself; we’ve created a book club so you can gather your leaders or children’s ministry friends around each chapter and have conversations that change the future of faith.


The Faith of our Children Welcome Video

How will it work?

Step 1: Each chapter can be discussed in 45 minutes. Begin your time together by watching the kickoff video to start diving into the content of each research insight. Each video will last 10-15 minutes, sharing thoughtful questions and practices from experienced children’s ministry leaders Sam Luce, Catherine Hwang-Jin and Jenny Smith.

Step 2: Each chapter has a list of discussion questions to take your local group even deeper! Encourage honesty and understanding so your team can drive to the heart of your ministry to openly discuss what you’re doing well and what can be improved.

That’s it! Of course, you’ll want to determine specifics around who you want to invite, when your book club will launch and on what day/time of the week. This book club can be used in person or virtually; choose the best format based on the needs of your group and their work and family schedules.

If you haven’t checked out the supplemental resources for Chapter 5, don’t miss out! These exercises will transform the way you spend your time and prioritize your efforts towards leading kids to a lasting faith.

We want to hear your stories! Email us at communications@awana.org so we can connect.