In recent years it has become painfully clear that not even churches should be assumed safe for children. We know that, and parents know that. As part of loving families well, it’s vital that leaders reassure parents and care for children by prioritizing safety in your church. An ideal way to accomplish that is by practicing Proactive Child Safety in your child discipleship programs.

If we ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do to care for the children in our church and keep them safe from harm?” our answers would most certainly reflect values of respect, integrity and compassion.  By intentionally developing and maintaining safety in your ministry, you’re reinforcing and sharing those values — just one way to practice discipleship.

Awana is partnering with the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP) to equip ministry leaders to protect children. ECAP has developed a set of Child Safety Standards — divided into five categories: Governance, Operations, Screening, Training and Response — which serve as the basis for an Accreditation Program. By complying with these Child Safety Standards, you can be assured your ministry is going above and beyond to protect children.