Divorce Conversation Guide

Article July 1, 2020

Statistics point to the fact that fifty percent of children today will witness the breakdown of their parents’ marriage. Kids can blame themselves for this, and it can lead them to big questions about God when He is referred to as our heavenly Father. Often, one or both parents may feel distant, and regarding God as a Father may not immediately feel comforting. Regardless of how involved fathers are in the lives of your kids, it’s important to help kids understand that God is our only perfect Father, and He loves us perfectly. Remind them of John 3:16, that this means that God loves each of us.

If this is a sensitive issue for kids in your group, take a minute to talk about this and share with them that they have a loving heavenly Father who wants to supply anything our earthly fathers cannot. You can read 1 John 3:1 and talk about the kind of fatherly love that God has for us.

Also, encourage any child who is concerned about these issues to talk to a leader about it, and be sure to have leaders ready to listen to these issues and to report any overly concerning situations, as your church policy outlines.