Print off the "Thru-the-Week Sheet" and use it all week!


Week Sheet


Help your child memorize this week’s question, answer and verse.

Print off this week’s coloring page that includes the question, answer and verse!


Coloring Sheet


Dear God, thank You for the good plans You have for my earthly family and for inviting us, through Jesus, to be part of Yours. Help us be a blessing to others in our church, school(s) and community by sharing Your love. Amen.


Listen to this playlist throughout the series to praise God for “The Family of God.”


The Family of God Playlist


Who was the first person in your family to come to faith? How has that faith been passed down from generation to generation? Take time to pray for family members by name so that they, too, would become part of the family of God.


Set aside time this week to commemorate your “spiritual” birthdays into the family of God. Explain how there is great rejoicing in heaven when someone comes to faith, and your family can join in that celebration by remembering important spiritual milestones.


Teach your kids the motions to the song “Father Abraham.” Explain that when the song says, “I am one of them and so are you,” it is referring to the fact that through Christ we all become sons and daughters of God.